Authentic Japanese Ramen in Toronto

Shio Ramen

Welcome to Kyouka Ramen! Our mission is to bring authentic Japanese ramen to Toronto, recreating the “Soul” of ramen in every bowl.

We’re currently located in The Beaches, but we’ll soon be opening a new location in Markham. Stay tuned!

Slurps: The Genuine Language of Ramen. Here’s our 5 Step Program to eating ramen:

  1. It’s considered best to finish your ramen within 7-8 minutes.
  2. The Soul of ramen is retained with a proper balance of broth, sauce, oil and noodles. In Japan, when this balance is lost, we no longer call it ramen.
  3. The art of slurping is a well-mannered, cultivated and refined way of eating ramen.
  4. The most authentic way to eat ramen is best to slurp the noodles and soup in silence.
  5. Try to finish the soup, but it is okay if you can’t. We won’t be offended.

But there’s really no right or wrong way. Just enjoy!